New Years

Thursday, January 4, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Instead of participating in the typical New Years Eve hoopla, a bunch of us helped run an all nighter for the youth at church. We had loads of fun, and it is definitely up there on my list of the best New Years (near the top of that list is the year of '99-'00, which included hottubbing in a cow trough and also one a couple of years ago with Ash and the chick flick marathon).

Highlights of this year's party include:
being a wombat for at least seven minutes
throwing marshmallows at each other
getting serenaded in jail (by two different boys, I might add)
writing and performing an original song
consuming way too much caffeine
getting nailed off the head/body numerous times by a volleyball
getting pulled, dragged and strangled by a giant parachute
operating a megaphone
starting an urban legend
playing the same game for over five hours (while singing, "I ain't no blank back girl" and "Blank blank blank Jack")
coming home with no voice and a few extra bruises, wearing yesterday's makeup as well as some painter's tape on my foot, and smelling like a locker room...we stunk something fierce

The next morning, we were feeling quite drained, and I questioned the reasons as to why I chose to run around like an idiot and get no sleep on New Years. As we sat and pondered, one of the guys walks in and says, "You know, if you guys went to a real party and drank all night, you would probably feel better after that than you do now." Oh, what a dandelion of a statement.

p.s. I have this bad habit of writing something, posting it for a couple of days, then deleting it and writing a new one. Maybe I'm a little OCD, who knows. Also, when there is only one comment on a post, it says "1 comments" and it bothers me.