"So Amanda, how is the packing going?"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
Packing? Ummm lets see...well...I got a new hat! And flowers! I have flowers! Want to see?

Oh, this is the book that made me cry in the bookstore yesterday. It's for children.

those are my flowers!


Did someone say Peacey P? I LOVES the Peacey P. And my new hat.

that one is protruding a lil bit

one that turned out semi-cool completely by accident

Brrrpttt! This is my hat, PLAYA!
Packing? Ooooh you mean I have to PACK? You're saying that I'm leaving for two months so I need to PACK? Leaving on Thursday? Oh man, that's really soon. Yeah, maybe I should...oh HEY! there's a squirrel outside!