happy anniversary!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - Posted by Amanda Bast
It was one year yesterday that I started this blog. I forgot yesterday. Here are some classic Mandie posts to refresh your memory.

The one where I talk about politicians.

The one about lamps.

The one about Stompy.

The one about Mexico.

The one about Starbucks.

The one about a pickle.

The one about our global community.

The one that is really long but good.

The one about the time I was awkward.

The one about mini wheats.

The "Best Post of the Year" according to Wally.

I think I've grown as a blogger. I don't do the "this is every tiny little detail about my weekend" junk anymore. I find that irritatingly boring. Instead, I blog about useless (but FUNNY) crap. Ah yes, growth.